About us ahmed February 6, 2020

“Welcome to Mosaica, a Kosher culinary treasure in the heart of Dubai, where the Orient meets refined gastronomy. Let us take you on a taste journey through the mesmerizing flavors of the Middle East, where ancestral traditions mingle with a contemporary touch.

Our restaurant is a real tribute to the culinary richness of the region, with a menu highlighting authentic and delicious dishes prepared according to Kosher principles. From the mesmerizing scent of spices to the exquisite notes of mezze, each bite is an invitation to the wonder of the senses.

At Mosaica, we pay particular attention to the quality of the ingredients used. Each product is carefully selected, in accordance with Kosher traditions and requirements, in order to guarantee an exceptional culinary experience for our customers.

Whether you are a food lover from the Middle East or simply curious to discover new flavors, our warm and professional team will welcome you with a smile. Come and relax in our elegant atmosphere and let yourself be transported on a unique taste journey.

Join us for an unforgettable culinary experience in Mosaica. Follow us to stay on the lookout for our latest culinary creations and special events. Bon appétit and welcome to our enchanted world of oriental flavors.”


Sofitel Downtown - 31st Floor - Dubai


Phone : + 971 54 310 31 31